Meet Dakota Wint. An amazing, inspiring, loving Youtuber that I absolutely would go far for to not be in a relationship, but have a friendship with. I owe my life to him. And I know that many reading this is probably going to think that I’m overreacting and that I’m looking for attention. Honestly, go ahead and think that way of me. I’m used to it. But Dakota, here, is going to help me get through it all. Since the fourth grade, I’ve been bullied. At first, it was only verbally. But overtime, it started getting…a bit physical. In the sixth grade, it eventually became too much much for me to handle and I picked up a razor for the first time. I was home alone and to this day, I still remember pressing it firmly against my skin and slicing my right wrist. I think that was the worst mistake ever made by me…but Dakota and his close friend Johnny Hanel helped me when nobody did. I discovered their videos about a month ago when my friend had constantly non-stop talked about them. She said it so much, that I recognized their name on Instagram when Johnny liked a few of my photos previously before. I went onto Youtube and watched every video put out by dakotawint and johnnyhanel.Then, I the channel/clothing line “StayHappyStayWeird” and everything went from there. Music and Youtubers has always been my true escape; and without it, I just wouldn’t know where I would be. Whatever mood that I’m in, whether that be happy or sad, I’m constantly listening to music and/or watching Youtube videos from Christian Novelli, Damon Fizzy, etc. And not just any type of music. But Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, The Browning, Fall Out Boy, type of music. It’s saved me countless of times from ending my life. But anyways, just last week, I was shoved into a locker for being ‘emo.’ For dressing in all black. For wearing band shirts. For wearing dark makeup. To everyone else, Dakota Wint is just a youtuber. He stands in front of a camera and does weird crap. He’s a nobody. But to me, he is the only reason why I still breathe. He is the only hope I have when everything has fallen apart. He’s the bright light in the otherwise pitch dark. He gave me hope. To everyone else, it may be stupid to smile like an idiot and have my day be made by just a simple video or favorited tweet. But it’s like I’m not alone anymore. He cares. It’s the best feeling in the world. And it’s even a better feeling to know that because of him, I’m making a promise to myself to not self-harm anymore. So far, I’m 16 days clean and I know it’s not much but it’s something. Although life is tough, I’m not giving up. I’m going to hang in there. I’m not going to end my life. I’m going to see that life is worth living. Thank you, Dakota <3
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